Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Memories Giveaway

I know, lately my blog posts have been sporadic. More sporadic than usual that is. I've been busy! Busy playing with my new Digital Scrapbooking software.  It's awesome!  I may never pick up scissors or use double stick tape again. 

I have over 8,000 photos organized in storage bins, shoved in the back of my closet, waiting to be put into albums. Crazy, right? Worse I have over 20,000 photos waiting to be downloaded off memory cards.  I mean really...who has the time?

This scrapbooking software is fast, simple, easy, affordable, and most important it has saved me a ton of time!

So far I've made four albums, two wall photos; complete with inspirational sayings, and invitations for Rio's Birthday party.  However, I'm most proud of the Disney Character autograph book I made for my kids for our next trip to Disneyland. The My Memories Suite 2 is by far the most user friendly software I have installed on my computer. Check out my project below.

And guess what! My Memories gave me Digital Scrapbooking Software to give away to one of my lucky followers. FOR FREE!

How 2 Enter

To enter Giveaway you MUST follow THIS blog via Google Friend Connect.  Click the "Follow" button on my side bar to get started. Then leave a comment on this post telling me how far behind you are with your photos. Because misery loves company. That's it!

Want 5 Extra Chances to Win?

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It's all in the DETAILS!

~Leave a separate comment for each entry.

~Winner will be drawn June 30th, 2011 @ 9:00pm PST

~If I can't reach you through your GFC email, check back here on Friday, July 1st. You'll have 72 hours to claim your prize. 

Added Bonus!

My Memories is also offering my readers a $10 discount on their purchase of My Memories Suite v2 Software! Copy and paste the promo code STMMMS85042 in the promotional code field on the shopping cart page. The software also comes with another $10 coupon for downloads. That's $20 in discounts! This offer will expire in 10 days.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Aside from swimming at our house every single day this summer, my kids have managed to hit up two other neighbors and use their pools.

Rio shows off his acrobatic water skills, by jumping, flipping and diving. While Amaya cheers him on swimming a stroke we have deemed The Drowning Porpoise.

"Swimming is the best part of summer!" Amaya shared while we were walking home from a neighbor's house late last night. "I love it!"

"I'm swimming again tomorrow. As soon as I wake up!" Rio declared.

That is...if he ever wakes up.

It's 10:30am and Rio is still asleep.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Trade

Little boys are messy. I think it's in their nature to be complete slobs. Or maybe it's just Rio. Either way, cleaning his room turns into quite the scavenger hunt.

There are three things I am guaranteed to find while inspecting the room he swore he cleaned. Dried out apple cores decomposing under his bed, sunflower seeds hidden inside his pillow case, and half chewed up foam darts scattered on the floor. Sometimes I think he's really a puppy.

Rio insisted there's too much stuff, and he doesn't know where to put it. So in attempts to give him more space I made an offer he couldn't refuse.

"Rio, why don't you get rid of some of your Buzz Lightyears?" I asked.

He looked at me and shook his head, "No way, Mom!"

"They look pretty beat up," I tried to persuade him, while examining his toys. "How about this," I offered, "I'll trade you."

"Trade me for what?" His interest was triggered.

"If you throw out the old ones...I'll buy you a brand new one," I bartered.

It worked out better than I planned.

I have a feeling my tactics are not going to be received as well in Amaya's room.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Schools Out!

The last day of school was always the best day of school when I was growing up.  But there's only so much pressure Rio can take, so he had his usual end of the school year melt down.

The kids hop in the backseat and shove their report cards in my face, eager for me to review them. I take my time reading every mark and notation while they hold their breath.

"Mom...did I pass?" Rio breaks the silence.

"Yup," I told him, as I folded the report cards and placed them inside my purse.

"Ah, good. That means I'm a third grader," he sighed with relief.

"I know I passed," Amaya stated. "I already peeked at mine."

"Great year you guys, I'm proud of you both," I praised them as I pulled away from the school.

"Mom? Do I have to go to college?" Rio asked reluctantly.

"It depends on what you want to do when you get older," I told him.

One minute later, Amaya informed me Rio was in tears.

"What's wrong Rio?" I asked through the rear view mirror.

"I'm not ready to leave home..." Rio sobbed.

I promised him I wouldn't kick him out just yet.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Reptiles, Lizards, and Snakes, Oh My!

Once again we were lost on our way to The Academy of Sciences. The first time my husband drove around for three hours, holding us hostage, trying to find the Museum. When the kids and I were finally able to convince him to pull over, get directions, and admit he had no idea where it was...the one person he chose to ask didn't speak English.  It was quite an adventure. 

Seems he has the same sort of luck with google maps.

The planetarium was the top priority since the passes were gone the last visit.  But the highlight was the new snake and lizard exhibit. 

"Mom, we should get one of those for our house!" Rio referred to a lizard the size of a large dog.

Amaya was more interested in the large Boa Constrictor.

"What does that eat?" She asked contemplating the probability of it's diet including little brothers.

I had to crush both of their reptile dreams.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Protect the Goalie!

The first store was closed. The second store didn't have what I was looking for. By the time we arrived at the third store the excitement of another camera purchase almost passed.

Thanks to the knowledgeable camera rep, the third store ended up being quite successful.  Aside from a hint that the Canon 7D may find its way under the Christmas tree, the three hour visit ended with a bribe of six balloons; along with a pocket camera, memory card, bag, battery, and  video game purchase.

"Wow!" I told my husband when we got in the car. "The kids were really good in the store, I'm impressed."

"Babe, are you kidding me?" My husband laughed. "I was the blocker! They would come at you and I'd kick them back into play."

"You were protecting your goalie!" I laughed hysterically as I returned to reality. "You're right, that sounds more accurate. Great teamwork!"

Just one of many ways my husband keeps me sane.