Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Two Week Trial Gimmick

I am now the proud owner of a twelve month family gym membership. How did I get suckered into such a thing you might wonder.  Five words: free two week trial gimmick.

The first mistake was letting my husband get the mail. The second mistake was letting him make an appointment. The third mistake was attending the sports club.

After our tour, it was time to listen to the sales pitch. We were informed that a membership includes use of a pool, racquetball courts, a sauna, all exercise classes, cardio equipment, weights, locker room, and a kids club. All for one low monthly price.

I looked over at my husband who lost all sense of negotiation. He was sold the second he received the coupon in the mail. He wanted it bad and it was all over his face.

"Each time we've had a membership somewhere, we never use it," I stated our usual good intentions.

"I promise I'll come every day," he pleaded. "It will be fun! And this is something we can do together."

"Ugh..." I sighed. "This was supposed to be a free two weeks, not a year contract," I reminded.

"This can be my birthday present then," he suggested.

"Your birthday's not 'til October," I harked back.

He sat next to me and put his most pathetic face.

"Fine, Happy Birthday!"

 I'll even the score when I take him car shopping.


  1. I have a membership at Fitness 19. I religiously send in my membership dues each month. And, about every two to three months I drop in to see how the place is doing. I'm too far out of shape to use even the most benign set of equipment. I just like to know that other people are benefiting from my charitable support of the institution ......


  2. we just got our flyer for this place a couple days ago. I wa thinking about it, but have no idea how much it costs a year. or if the kids club is decent enough to drop my kids off at!

  3. Hope he uses it. I have a membership and go four times a week, every week.

  4. We just signed up on the family plan like 3 weeks ago. So far we like it, and Clayton likes the kid zone and the pool... Maybe we will see you guys there sometime :)

  5. I hope you'll use it, I never did :(

  6. I've gone 4 times in 4 weeks. The kids club is disappointing. Hopefully u got a good rate.I have 2coupons if anybody wants2get the same rate I got. They were supposed2raise the rates once they opened??? Gotta get motivated 2go! Ugh! =/

  7. I would totally go if I could find a place with a decent kid's zone that doesn't cost a fortune. But I like working out outdoors as much as I can anyway.
    Good luck! (on getting him back)

  8. I get my time in at the athletics facilities on campus, mostly through the pool.