Friday, July 16, 2010

Blame Parents for Unhealthy Choices

I agree with making healthier food choices. I oppose someone else making those decisions for me.

Schools, Counties, States and the Federal Government are going to tax and regulate America back to health. The big argument is the child obesity rate in this country has more than tripled in the last 30 years standing just under 20%. Yes I agree, something must be done. However taxing candy, banning school bake sales, attacking restaurants and removing toys from sugared cereals is not the answer.

Recently a California County has banned toys in kid meals at fast food restaurants. Because unhealthy choices are being marketed to children, these companies are purposely targeting our children. Are you kidding me! Where is the personal responsibility people? It's the parent driving their children to fast food restaurants and it's the parent buying the kids meal. Blame needs to be there, no one is forcing parents to buy fast food for their children. Still let's ban the toys, a cheap toy at that. One that will break, be left on the floor, then stepped on and ultimately end up in the trash.

Is it really believable that because of this toy ban, children will now enter these restaurants and order a salad? I don't think so, the fries taste way to good.

Instead of parents pointing fingers, they should take responsibility for their own poor choices. If you are eating at fast food restaurants 2-7 days a week...DON'T. If your children want high sugared cereal...SAY NO. If your children are sitting in front of the TV and playing video games all day...UNPLUG IT. It isn't hard, parents just have to stop being lazy and do their job.

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  1. Well people just don't ever want to do there jobby. So I agree... It's alot my than just fast food. People are very lazy. As the human race I thought... (well nevermind thinking is to hard.) lolz ; } thanks - ME-
    -До свидания(Do svidaniya)-