Saturday, April 30, 2011


Zyrtec is my drug of choice. 

I'm an allergy sufferer. For years I used Benadryl, but the side affects were more than I could handle.  I would take one tiny pink pill and within twenty minutes I mimicked a cheap drunk.  Slurring my words and unable to articulate a complete thought.  The room would spin, and my neck would struggle to support my heavy head. Then BAM!  I would slip into a coma for six hours.

I'd fall quickly down the rabbit hole, into the rem state. For me, there isn't any sleep like a Benadryl sleep. I think it's the closest thing to hibernating.

It seems I'm the family drug dealer for meds.  I can't remember the last time a family member visited my house and didn't need a pill or two from my medicine cabinet.  Headaches, backaches, sore throats, earaches, bug bites, you have a problem...I have a pill for it.  But Zyrtec is like gold, so I'm stingy with it.

"Nikki, do you have any allergy pills?"  my brother inquired, as he fought the urge to rub his itching eyes, sneezing repeatedly.

"Yeah, do you want a Benadryl?"  I offered.

"No...I don't want a Benadryl.  Do you have anything else?"  He asked.

I went to find something else in my medicine cabinet.  I opened the doors and saw my precious bottles of Zyrtec.  But I offered something else instead.

"Here I have a box a Claritin," I said as I handed him the box.  "It expired last month, but if you want it, you can have it."

"Oh, thanks Nik!" My brother appreciated my generous offer.


  1. I used to be allergic to everything growing up and it seems I'm slowly growing out of my allergies.
    Our hot climate helps though.
    You have great posts and congrats on finishing the alphabet!

  2. Your story sent my thoughts in so many different directions!
    --Ah, the ease of acquiring prescription drugs. A huge problem in Florida.
    --I read that police in another country (sorry, forgot which) dressed as doctors and went door to door, as an experiment, and asked people to take a pill. 86 of 100 people took the pill without asking questions.
    Congratulations on completing the A to Z Challenge.
    My Z is for ... Zetsudai no doryoku osuru

  3. And the end is here, well done! Congratulations!

  4. Oh I'm a lover of Zyrtec too!! I have fought allergies since early childhood (over 30 yrs now) and nothing compares to it. I have taken EVERY single over the counter meds and some under the counter ones too. One Dr even suggested I move and another suggested I have a surgery. I did have one fav before my Z pill but some nut head took it off the market because people where dying or something. But it helped me sooo... Anyway congrats on finishing. I didn't lol.

  5. Oh, my....I use my Nettie pot and take herbs. I even rub Vicks on the bottoms of my feet. it works.

  6. Fun posts! My 2 year old is already loving the Zyrtec...we all have bad allergies. But now that I'm preggers again all they'll let me have is Benadryl or!
    Oh well!

  7. I use Zyrtec two or three times a week. Thank goodness for it.

  8. I became a follower of your blog! :) Love it! Erin

  9. I love Zyrtec it is awesome! I feel the same way. Every night I pop my vitamins, my zyrtec, and my aleve.

  10. I've taken Zyrtec for about 2 years. However, last month, I took one and had a reaction to it, so now I'm afraid to try again. Probably will try Allegra since it's now available.

    I have severe allergies to trees, dust, and molds. Life can certainly be interesting.

    Good luck in this allergy season!

  11. Following from the hop. Great post! Zyrtec has worked this season so far so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    facebook: claytonpaulthomas

  12. Nikki, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  13. Thankfully I do not have allergies because I think I live in one of the top 5 worst states