Monday, August 30, 2010

You Are Special

The definition of special,  1: distinguished by some unusual quality; esp: being in some way superior 2: held in a particular esteem 3: readily distinguishable from others in the same category.

I start with this definition because narcissism is at an all time high within our youth, and people wonder why?  Where does it start?  It starts in preschool where songs like Frere Jacques have been changed to better suit the self esteems of toddlers.

"You are special, you are special
because you're you, because you're you
you're so very special, you're so very special
yes you are, yes you are"

"I am special, I am special
because I'm me, because I'm me
I'm so very special, I'm so very special
yes I am, yes I am."

If everyone is special then no one is special.  Yes my kids are special...TO ME!  Beyond that, we will just have to wait and see.  This song demonstrates just one of the many lies we allow our children to be told.


  1. I STRONGLY disagree with you. I hope you are open to hear what I am saying. EVERY child, individual is special. As parents it is our job to help our children find that special quality that is within them. We are all unique as God created us for a special purpose in life. We don't know who we will be touching daily with our words, a helping hand, or just a smile. We all our special & we need to tell our children that everyday. I feel sorry for you and your thinking on this subject. You need to sit down and do alot more thinking about your opinon on this subject.

  2. I can understand where you're coming from, and I thank you for your opposition. But don't feel sorry for me, my opinion is solid on this topic and I have thought about it a lot.

    I agree "As parents it is our job to help our children find that special quality that is within them." PARENTS should tell their children how special and important they are every day. The world would be better if all parents felt that way about their kids. I do. However that wasn't the point of this posting.

    All children are individuals. They are all different and unique. They all have a divine value. But songs are not sung to toddlers on those topics. The trend is it's better to even the playing field and make everyone the same.