Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye Halloween

Goodbye Halloween. It is finally over!  I love a holiday as much as the next person, well maybe not quite that much, but in my defense enough is enough.

Why is Halloween now a four day event?  Is it so Halloween Stores can justify charging $40.00 for a paper thin nylon costume?  Or are parents dragging out the event to rationalize buying one of those over priced costumes, that in many cases will still require purchasing three more accessories to complete? 

Day four, the department stores host trick-or-treating.  Day three, the schools have Halloween parades and class parties.  Day two, churches and individuals host Halloween events around town.  Then finally Halloween Trick-or-Treating. 

All while my children nag me regarding October 31st.  Not because it will be Halloween, but because they want to make sure they make it to church on time so they can audition for the part they want in the Christmas Play.  Really kids...can't we get through one holiday before we worry about the next.

This morning on the way to school they started singing Christmas songs.  So Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  No one is really excited until the turkey is in the oven.


  1. Yes each holiday seems to get more drawn out each year. What's worse is how early retailers start displaying merchandise. Christmas items have been out on display since August where I live. It's crazy.

  2. Well I partially agree and partially disagree. Of course schools have to have it at a differant time depending on what day the holiday falls on. As far as stores hosting trick o treating on a seperate day I'm not sure their reasoning however I admit we did go this year but haven't in the past. My reason was it was the same day as school parties and since they were in their costumes already. I was thinking we better get some trick o treating in while we can due to weather forecast for Halloween was rain. I think people hold parties on other days so they can have their fun and still be able to take their kids trick o treating. I don't know as long as you have a good time and it's memories for the kids or yourself what's the harm. I do agree with getting through one holiday at a time. I just complained about that to my own kids today while watching a commercial for Christmas. Christmas songs have randomly come out of my kids mouths before so that wouldn't surprise me if they started singing them now. I think it's great about the church preparing for the program not enough churches have things for kids or Christmas programs at all. As long as you don't loose focus of what's important to you or why you do what you do especially when it comes to Christmas or Easter and the real reason for the holiday then I say no harm in enjoying things especially for the kids sake/memories. But everyones differant, have their own reasons, and thinking.

  3. I surely agree with not buying over priced costumes or getting caught up in things for the wrong reasons. However I also feel too many for many reasons have made holidays and things that use to mean something just another day. They've made it no big deal.

  4. Hello,
    Saw your blog link on blogging mammas. I think the problem this year with halloween was that it fell on the weekend. Usually, there is the school party, they come home and then head out again. This year, there was school, a party on saturday and then sunday night. I think even the kids were getting tired of dressing up (not that that stopped them from trick or treating). I agree with the comment above that holidays should be special, but this one felt so drawn out and overdone that it lacked that special feeling.