Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where Have All the Pencils Gone?

Teachers always have pencils at the top of their supply wish lists. 

"I just don't know where all the pencils go."  Said the teacher.

I shrug my shoulders, "I don't know...but they seem to like sharpening them into nubs."

Little did I know, I would  solve the pencil mystery.  My house!  Somehow my house is The Grand Central Station of pencils.  I know this because I have never bought a pencil to be kept in this house...EVER! 

I showed my husband the pencil collection I found picking up the house. 

"Where did all of those come from?"  He questioned in disbelief.

"Around the house." I said.  "And I haven't even looked under the couch cushions yet."

"So there's more..."  He was stating the obvious.

"Have you ever bought a pencil?" I asked squinting my eyes at him.

"Never." He states. Confirming my suspicion of our little pencil thieves.

"Well I guess we know where all the schools pencils are ending up." I said.

Now I have to go tell my kids that we do not need any more pencils, but mommy is running low on pens.


  1. That is SO hilarious!!! Oh, my gosh, I'm still laughing. You're too funny. Good one.

  2. That is so funny. When the school year started i remember either the teachers giving me a suggestion to donate pencils or we would pick a paper and for me it was always pencils. Except for one..... Colored pencils. lol

  3. Looks like my house. Shay has a massive pencil collection. I don't think she stole them though. I have bought / she has collected way too many. She's always getting pencils as prizes or giveaways.

  4. Oh, hey and I voted for you at TopMommyBlogs! :)

  5. So this is where I should look for pencils missing from my classroom. Hmm... very informative.

  6. Funny post. We have the opposite problem at my house, especially for pens. I've sent stuff to the kids school signed with gel pens, green pens, purple pens, markers, and pencil crayons. Where do the pens go?

  7. I have a big container of pencils too. Never thought of where they come from , they just show up!!

  8. Lol, I guess I know where my pencil went. ;p

  9. Rio handed me his pencil to correct his homework.

    "Oh another pencil from school huh?" I stated.

    "No, it's from my backpack." He answered.

    Of course it is.