Thursday, January 13, 2011

Magic Sponges

I've had a box of Magic Eraser sponges for about a year.  I've used one.  I wondered where the magic was.  I could do the same job in half the time with a rag and some multi-purpose cleaner.

"Mom can I clean my door?"  Amaya asked.  "There's something on it."

"Of course you can, it's your door."  I was excited, it's not every day that she wants to clean.

"Can I use one of these sponges?"  She asked.  Her eyes getting big while emptying the box out on the table.

"Go for it!"  I tell her.

Twenty minutes past and I hadn't seen or heard from Amaya or Rio.  That's usually a dead give away that they're up to no good.  So imagine the shock on my face when I turn down the hall to see them scrubbing away all the dirt and grime from all the doors and baseboard.

I guess those sponges are magic after all!



  1. Forget the sponges, you only need worker children! :)

  2. Usually kids who are quiet are up to no good whatsoever.

    I have a cousin who, as a kid, was quiet one day. He was found sitting on the bed, carefully tearing open tea bags and spreading tea leaves about.

  3. Magic Sponges are my favorite...besides post-it notes, pens, books, journals and notebooks.

  4. I always wondered about those Magic Erasers. I had one, and it "seemed" to work, but then I thought, hmmm...old rag and water would probably do the same. My husband says they work, but he's not sure if they are worth the money they charge.

    some people swear by them? I'm not too excited...yet.

    I think it's time for a test.