Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to Normal

Everything is back to normal.  That is, if normal includes piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and playing referee to the game of  "he touched, she touched me first."

Rio started the morning doing flips on his bed, kicking a soccer ball through the house, and terrorizing his sister.

Amaya took her sweet time eating her Cheerios...a solid 30 minutes.  Then decided she should kick her brother.

Surprisingly, we left for school on time and everything was peaceful in the car.  Until it wasn't.

"He's on my side!"  Amaya yelled.

"Stop pushing me!"  Rio yelled back.

"Really!"  I yelled at them through the rear view mirror.  "We're ten feet from the drop off, and you want to start this now?"

They got out of the car as I reminded them to have a nice day.

My day went by so quick without them.  Too quick.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet so much I forgot to pick them up from school.

That will teach them to fight in the car.


  1. Oh my gosh, your blog had me laughing out loud. First of all, the photo at the top is a gem. And your "about me" section had me nodding my head. Perhaps all PTA meetings are the same. And just the other day I had to pull to the side of the road because my twins were fighting in the back seat. Ah, motherhood.

  2. bwahahahahaha! Anything for an extra few minutes of quiet, even if it does mean abandoning your family!!

  3. You really cheered me up tonight! Great photo at the top of your blog! Love your About Me section and this post was awesome. Great to have bloggers like you in this world!!!

  4. Hahaha!!! I needed a laugh this week :)

  5. Ha great post! If only we could make that a real rule - for every minute you fight in the car, you will wait for your ride home!

  6. There are some days I'd like to purposefully forget to gather the kids.

    Glad your brood is feeling better.

  7. I remember those'll be something else when they're teens or adults. Bigger fights and challenges.

  8. Oh yes...there are days I don't want to go home after work LOL.

    I am loving your blog. And your sidebar photos are hysterical.

  9. Love this.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Hahaha! This is funny! Good thing I have only 1, I don't get to worry about her getting an attitude just yet. Maybe in 2 more years. God help me! :)

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've read your last several posts with a big smile - my daughter is too young for all this just yet, but I'm from a big family myself and it all seems soooo familiar!

  12. This kind of crap never ends. My 16 year old and my almost 13 year old are constantly at one another. I fully expect my kids to show up to Thanksgiving with my grandchildren one day, just so they can put their feet on each other under the table and screech "She touched me with her feeeeeeet!" "No I didn't."

    I think they were pretty shocked when I got an MP3, loaded the hell out of it, stuffed it in my ears, and stopped listening to their endless bickering.

    The only other alternative I could think of was my old standby, making them sit on the sofa silently and hold hands for as many minutes as they are old and obviously that didn't work.

    Gah. I need a hot bath and a glass of something with a kick.