Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Umbrella Assumption

Packing for a trip is no small task.  I'm neurotic, I'm not one of those people who can throw a few things in a bag and go.  If I were, traveling would be easier.  Instead my process involves check lists, charts, to-do lists, paying the bills in advance, cleaning, and multiple trips to the store to buy last minute items I don't use at home, but somehow can't live without on vacation.

My husband doesn't see what the big deal is, after all the only thing he was responsible for was the umbrellas.  If Rio can handle three tasks, surely my husband could remember one.

Three days into our vacation dark clouds formed and then it rained. My husband informed me that he left the umbrellas in the car, so we hiked a half mile through the self parking lot to retrieve them.

"The umbrellas aren't in here,"  my husband said as he rummaged through the trunk.

"Yeah okay, very funny."  I thought he was kidding, until he approached me empty handed.

"Where are they?" He asked sternly.

"I remember asking you to pack them...and you were like...no problem hunny,"  I mocked him.

"I assumed they were in the trunk,"  he stated.

"Well you know what they say about assuming..."  I rolled my eyes with irritation.

"They're always in the trunk, who took them out?"  His defense: it was my fault.

"It's been raining, so the kids take them to school."  I pointed to the sky.  "Umbrellas won't keep them dry sitting in the trunk."

Next time, I'm assuming he packed his underwear. 



  1. And then he borrows one of our umbrellas and in a matter of minutes...breaks it....

  2. I know! What does he have against umbrellas?! Really...

  3. Never leave such tasks to men....

  4. Lists are for the sissies. Wing it girlfriend.

  5. Maybe assume he packed both his pants and underwear.

  6. See what happens when you put a little bit of trust in him...

  7. Cars should come with umbrellas like they do with extra tires. And boy does that conversation remind me of many with my own man. Little love debates. ;)

  8. LOL. I make a list sometimes, sometimes I don't. But I have to pack everything myself, can't risk forgetting anything by relying on the better half, hehehe :)

  9. I'm sure when you get back you'll be laughing about it.

  10. I know I don't visit that often, but your posts always make me laugh, Nikki!

    What is it with men - even ONE task is too much for them.