Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

The Magical World of Disney is the happiest place on earth.  It was the perfect place to celebrate Amaya's birthday.  Ten!  How the heck did that happen?  Her first double digit age! 

I weaseled my way into an exclusive deal not meant for us, and after the price was quoted I couldn't pass it up.  Our six day Disneyland Resort package was a steal, and I was the sneaky thief.  

My husband and I rationalized the price.  According to our calculations the price of a Disney Vacation equaled the price of an elaborate themed party.  Minus the planning, the set up, the stress, the clean up and the ponies. 

What we hadn't planned on: Amaya and Rio's endless need for water. Thirty-two dollars and 8 bottled waters later, I insisted they save their empty bottles and refill them in the drinking fountains. Community water fountains do make me cringe, but Rio practically licked the entire park anyway, so what did it really matter.

I was prepared for the  four dollar per gallon gas prices, due to the increased cost of a barrel of oil, but how much does a barrel of water cost?  Is water being imported from the desert as well?

"Mom I'm hungry," Amaya complained.  "When are we going to eat?"

"Me too," Rio followed his sister's lead.

"Ugh...I have to feed you too?"  I joked.

I was scared, and you'd be scared too!  What would it cost to feed them? 

I'm happy to report that a family of four can eat for the bargain price of $29.96, without drinks, of course.  Food is cheaper than water.

Now that's magical.


  1. good one!! I enjoyed it!

  2. $4.00 bottled water! Was it laced with pixie dust?

  3. Sounds like a fairy tale come true. Chuck E. Cheese is no bargain either.

  4. WWater is the next resource in th enear future people will war over.

  5. Water has seemingly become the most expensive, precious, yet staple item around. Every trip I take I find myself paying the outrageous $4- $6 for a bottle!

    Happy birthday to your kiddlet!

  6. The cost of some things is strange. I'd love to go to Disneyland again. How wonderful!

  7. Funny. And brings back fun memories even if we were gouged while we were there.

  8. Like George Carlin used to say about bottled water, when did people all of a sudden get so thirsty they had to buy bottled water all the time?

    I haven't been to Disney since I was a kid.

  9. Yay for you getting a great deal! Shame about the water - just as well it's the happiest place on Earth!
    PS "Rio practically licked the entire park anyway" LOL

  10. I'm angry w/Disney and feel they have "out-priced" themselves. It should not cost such an outrageous amount for a family of 4. Most of the time, we just boycott it and we live 30 minutes away. (sssh, I didn't just say that)

    when locals got in free for their b-day, we found someone we know who works there to give us 3 of their family "free entrances" so that we only had to pay for food and we took our own water. Both my kids have bdays at end of year, so we only did it only 1 time...I refuse to pay especially since they raised their rates even higher and you spend most of your time in line and we have 1 kid that refuses to go on anything. I'm not that enthralled w/Disney. (gasp! I'll deny I ever said this!) Even their season passes are way over-priced. We can't afford them.