Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kid Cuisine

I used to love to cook, but lately...I have to admit, cooking isn't my top priority. So I let my kids make dinner last night. But really, they insisted on helping and then took over. 

Amaya did the potatoes and Rio was in charge of the griddle.

"Mom! I'm bleeding!" Amaya panicked. "It stings! It stings, it stings, it stings." 

"Stop being so dramatic. Go get a band aid," I told her.

"Rio! Go get me a band aid," she ordered.

"No...you go get it!" he responded back. "You're not dying!"

The second Amaya left the sink, Rio was in her spot, peeling her potatoes. Amaya came back to the kitchen to find her little brother doing her job.

"Mom!  He's in my spot!"  she protested. "Fine, Rio...I'm going to do your job then."  She tried to control the situation. "Rio, where's the spatula?" she demanded, holding out her hand.

Rio didn't answer, he just kept quietly peeling the potatoes. This infuriated her.

"Rio, the hamburger patties are burning! I have to flip them! Mauuuuum..."

"Someone please flip the patties," I demanded.

"Rio, don't use that!" Amaya bossed. "Mom he hid the spatula on the floor, under the cabinets...gross."

"What?" Rio answered the look I shot him, while he wiped the spatula off on the front of his shirt.

"Wash it," I told him. "We don't use cooking utensils that have been on the ground."

The end result. Well done hamburger patties, unevenly cooked potatoes, burnt corn, and a gallon of lumpy gravy. 

"Why does my stomach hurt so bad?" My husband moaned after our chefs were in bed.

I cited the obvious. This could do wonders for our waistlines.


  1. How did you do it? I can't stand it when my kids are in the kitchen. LOL!

  2. Controlled chaos...my favorite type of activity.

  3. My Mom always shooed my out of the kitchen while I was growing up. I find myself doing that to Shay sometimes but I try hard not to and let her cook some. The other day I let her cook some eggs. It was fun but I have a tendency to help out too much and she doesn't like that. One day I will attempt this and allow her to just fly solo in the kitchen.

  4. Heheh. Bless them. My three year-old would only make pancakes if asked to cook dinner. Pancakes or sausages.

  5. Love the way you finished it. I'm the cook in our family and I LOVE IT. However, it's looking more and more like I have a VERY picky child. Not good.

  6. You are brave! My kids are younger (3 and 5) but the idea of them putting together dinner is unimaginable. And I have a pretty good imagination. :0) It's so hard to envision those later stages...

  7. I spent a lot of time in kitchen when young - not sure how mum stood it really - when i was looking after two small boys once I let them make some bread!! we did all eat it -grey and solid and stomach leadening- brave woman that you are but it's good to let them in

  8. My daughters burned water all the time.

  9. I should switch to that diet ;)
    I'm glad I stopped by your blog. I needed a good laugh :)

  10. So cute. Well written. I could almost visualize your stomach cramps! LOL

  11. Hilarious! My kids help me in the kitchen all the time -- and when they start getting under each other's skin, I don't know whether to scold or laugh. Usually, I do both -- at the same time!

    Yes, there's a diet tip in there, somewhere!

  12. That was funny, but at least they tried their way in helping you.

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