Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saved by Ants

I had uninvited visitors drop by.  ANTS!  I despise the little trespassers.  However their timing this year was perfect.  They've saved me from myself. 

I've already polished of the gallon of oyster stew that was left over from Christmas Eve.  And when I say I've eaten all the stew that also includes 3 pounds of ham,  a quart of potato salad,  the left over posole, the salami, the dish of jello, the jar of cookies, and...well you get the point.

I consider myself to be indebted to the ant army that swarmed my chocolate cake and apple pie.  It was for my own good. 

Still, I had to kill them.


  1. Someone had to pay!

  2. LOL .... there was a similar incident in my neck of the woods. I was saved from some rather divine chocolate cookies. However, once I saw the undulating mass of writhing little beasts, the food was no longer a concern. It was time for all out gas warfare raining down on them from the nozzle of my spray can!


  3. God worked through the ants to save you from gaining any weight. It's nice to know that God still thinks about us.