Thursday, December 30, 2010

Socks Are Required

I'm the last person on earth to criticize someone for thinking that the rules don't apply to them.  Rules are made to be broken!  I believe this.  Common sense is another story.

At McDonald's today my mom and I sat next to the glass separating us from the play structure.  Partly because the lack of tables inside, but it was more due to the aroma of food mingled with the smell of sweat and feet.

Rio came to the table and I snapped.  "WHERE ARE YOUR SOCKS?!"  His eyes got big...he was caught.  "Go put them on right now!"  I hoped the ten second rule still applied.

Then my mom pointed out a dozen other children not wearing socks either.  Then she took the hand sanitizer from her purse and placed it on the table.

"It's so he can run up the slide,"  Amaya tattles.

"Well, you aren't supposed to go up the slide,"  my mom reminds her.

Unbelievable!  Don't those mothers care?  Do they not know why that rule is in place?  I'm horrified (and I'm okay if Rio eats dirt).  There's really no excuse when they sell socks at the counter for one dollar.

The "socks are required" sign wasn't posted by the fun police trying to ruin their day.  It's a rule that is posted for people who lack common sense.

Now I have to go Lysol my kids!


  1. Oh...I think I was one of those parents. LMAO.

  2. I have nightmares like that.

  3. Finally Nikki....I've been trying to get your blog for days. Your mom gave me the right search but just couldn't connect. Her & I have finally became friends on F/B after many attempts, they have changed on how you find peeps on there!! Love your me something else to laugh about these days and don't we all need that???

  4. I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! I enjoy your blog and hope others will find and enjoy it too.
    So, Congratulations you have been awared the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!

  5. Okay I'm a bit of a germ phobic but I think exposing our little spawn to germs builds imunity.

    Came over based on Heather's recommendations.

  6. LMAO, love it. That is too funny. I understand your point entirely. Kids just don't know.

  7. hmm, I'm one of those rule sticklers. I'm often heard venting about someone who "thinks the rules don't apply to them." But I still like your blog. *wink*