Thursday, December 2, 2010

School Pictures





Can you guess which picture I hung on my wall?

If you guess the first one, you would be correct. That is how they hooked me. They meaning professional school photographers.Take one good picture, then I'll be dumb enough to pay in advanced for years to come. 

It started in Kindergarten, when the school sent home a flier for picture day with pose and background options, and an assortment of picture packages to choose from.  The flier also stated:  "All photos must be paid for in advance.  Please send cash or check in the attached envelope with your child on picture day."

I remember thinking, "What?  Pay for pictures before I see them, how stupid is that."

Reluctantly I ordered the pictures.  And they turned out great!  The first picture really does capture who he is.  I didn't know it would be all downhill from there.

Now all I can do is try to suppress the disapproving mother in me that starts to surface when I open up his school pictures.  I force a slight smile and look up at Rio...but I can't resist.

Picture 2

"Why did you smile like that?"

"The lady told me to."  He said.  "Do you like them?"

"Very nice."  I said raising my eyebrows. I put the pictures back in the envelope and conveniently lost them in the office.  I convinced myself that the next one would be better.

Picture 3

"Here mom."  Rio handed me his school pictures.

"Rio!  What kind of smile is that?"  I asked, noticing all of his bottom teeth.

"She didn't like my mouth shut, she said to smile big and show teeth."  He explained.

"Okay."  Those also disappeared in the office.

Picture 4

What do you think I said.  Well...not what I wanted. 

"Mom, and you were worried about them combing our hair stupid."  Amaya pointed out.

So I've learned my lesson.


  1. I've given up on school pictures too! I can get better ones at the mall and they cost less!!

  2. same head tilt in all of them? Rio is so funny and these pictures do no justice.

  3. They're all cute. Really, they are. I always wonder too why Shay makes certain faces during pictures and then I think, I am not photogenic at all. Shay is MUCH more photogenic than I am. I am always making some weird face when someone snaps a picture of me. I always dreaded school pictures and was anxious by the time they got around to taking mine. I was afraid I would close my eyes, not smile right, or make my usual weird face. So I sympathize with kids and the whole school pic ordeal.

  4. Rio is super photogenic. He's my best subject! The "photographers" must have some talent capture expressions that I've never seen before. Now that's work.

  5. Hi. Nice to meet you.

    He is awful cute!!

    My daughter found her last year - pre paid for pictures in a drawer and asked me why did I love her. ARgh.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. He nearly broke out into a Calvin face there...

  7. You'd think with digital photography that school picture time would now be easier. Doesn't seem to be that way. Two years ago the photographers at my kids' school over-exposed all the class photos then spent weeks trying to correct the problems. They still came out terrible. When you have the possibilitly to see the results right away on the back of your camera - how do you over expose them?