Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coupon for Mom

The most popular gifts in my house are hand made coupons. 

I've received the following coupons from Amaya and Rio, good for: I will clean my room, I will take out the trash, I will feed the dog, and I will watch T.V with you...to list a few.  All coupons for the things they do anyway, so I find these coupons amusing.

The most recent coupon was from Amaya, good for: Any lunch or dinner out of your choice for FREE!  I immediately put it inside my purse, swearing it would come to good use the next time the opportunity presented itself.

"You went to Togo's for lunch today Mom?" Amaya inquired.

"Yeah...why?" I asked.

"Well, did you use your coupon?"  Amaya asked urgently.

"No, I was by myself," I told her.

"Oh...well you can use it when ever you want." She then disclosed the coupon's terms for me. "It's an endless coupon, I can make more."

For weeks I've been interrogated by Amaya, regarding the dinner out coupon.  Have I used it, when will I use it, why didn't I use it?

Her questions have me asking my own questions.  Why would I use the coupon if I'm alone and does she think it actually has value? 

"She can't think it's a real coupon, right?" I asked my husband. "She's ten. She has to know the difference."

"I don't know?  She's ten and look how she spelled coupon," he pointed out.
 This might be a problem.


  1. The endless coupon. I think she might be on to something.

  2. I need a free lunch, pass it over to me.

  3. COPOND! How cute, what a great post!

  4. I don't know at ten if I could spell coupon right; I think I'd give her until twelve until you really have to start to worry. Or, maybe it's time to have that talk about the value of actual coupons and ones out of love.

  5. It's a cuuuuu-pun, don't you know.

  6. Very sweet of her!
    My 5 year old made me a coupon at school. Unfortunately I can't read any of it except for his name. But since his handwriting leaves a lot to be desired and he doesn't spell well, I am assuming that it won't be excepted everywhere mastercard and visa are.

  7. Coupons, what a great idea. Didn't have these when my girls were growing up. Would have loved: Good for: Cleaning my room or one hours peace!

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