Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Haircut

Tuesday night Rio informed me that his hair was way too long.  I agreed.  So I trimmed it for him.

"Mom...are you almost done?" he complained standing in the middle of the bathtub.

"Almost," I stalled, as I trimmed the back of his head. "Hold on," I diverted as I attempted to cut his unforgiving hair. "Okay..." Each cut lead to another cut.  After the front and back were trimmed, my confidence with the scissors grew and I went for the layers. "I got it!"

I stood back and looked proudly at my masterpiece. I put my fingers on top of his head and shagged his hair. I must say, his hair looked pretty darn good. WET!  But when it dried, it was obvious, I'm not a professional. 

"Rio, come in here," I said, guiding him by his hand into my bathroom.

"Oh, no...not more mom," Rio pleaded as he stood on top of the toilet.

"Real quick!" I promised.  "You can't go to school like that."  I took out the scissors and cut more. Someone should have stopped me.

"Are you done yet?" Rio asked.  "I know, hold on, okay, you got it," he laughed as he imitated me.

Feeling guilty for what I had done, I called my husband in for approval.  He didn't let me off the hook, instead he glared at me with eyes that asked Why? What have you done to his hair?  

"Oh come on!  It's not that bad!" I lied.

So I'm that mom! The mom who sends her child to school after butchering their hair.

"Did anyone notice your hair today at school?" I asked reluctantly.

"No, nothing, no one," he answered. "But I did get some funny looks," he confirmed my fears.

I took him for a real haircut immediately. 

When the girl at the salon looked at me funny...I blamed my husband.


  1. Poor Rio.... some day he'll remember you meant well.

  2. At least you didn't use "the bowl" as my parents did at one time! I'll have to compliment him on his "new doo" next time I see him.


  3. At least you didn't nick his ear like I did! My son has never forgotten it though he didn't turn out to be a mass murderer or anything...:)

  4. Such a cute story! I remember my mom doing the same thing, except it was to my bangs. Shorter and shorter she cut them, trying to even things out. It didn't end well :)

  5. I've been forced to learn how to cut my husband's hair. It looked pretty bad for a couple of years, until I got better at it. Now I'm not too shabby. But once, he asked me to use the clippers on the back of his head. At least, I thought that's what he asked me. Really, what he asked was to buzz his neck. There was no attachment on the device. I shaved a big square out of the back of his head before he jerked forward, demanding what had I done. He had to shave the rest to make it match.

  6. He's adorable either way. Love this boy, Nana

  7. My husband thanks you because now I can stop reminding him of the time when he cut our then 1 year old's hair and I banned him from using scissors - forever!

  8. My nephew was due a haircut, so his step dad got the clippers out and started it, and did one half when the battery died. And then couldn't find the charger. Luckily, his brother has the same clippers, and he had to call him to bring over his charger so they could finish the kids hair. Taylor, who is seven, kinda wanted to go to school with half his hair cut though.

  9. Yup. I know lots of moms like you.

  10. LOL...I woulda blamed my hubby too!
    I've tried to cut my kids' hair before and I usually end up gapping it up....So I leave that to a professional now...

  11. That's so funny. I have 4 boys and I cut their own hair. The nice thing is that when I mess up, I just shave it. And they don't mind it that short. So it's usually a WIN least when it's over.