Friday, May 20, 2011

Gold Rush

Fourth graders are learning about the California Gold Rush. The subject has enthused Amaya to the point of planning future trips to Sutter's Mill to search for gold. But it hasn't motivated her enough to answer any questions correctly on the worksheets sent home or the reading test she had taken. 

She knows one thing...there was GOLD. I suppose that's the most important detail.

The best part of learning about the California Gold rush, getting to participate in an interactive assembly panning for gold. For a small fee.

"Mom! I found a piece of gold at the assembly today!" Amaya announced with excitement while pulling a piece of binder paper from her backpack. "I got to keep it!" Then she pointed to all of her pencil sketches on how to pan for gold.

"Where's the gold you found?" I asked.

"It's right there." She pointed to a small sketch in the upper right corner of her paper with a piece of tape over it.


"Right there!" She pointed again.

I squinted my eyes to focus. "Oh," I said smiling.

"This piece of gold is worth two dollars!" she informed me. "And it only cost seven dollars!"

Yup! It was the deal of a lifetime.



  1. Wow!If that tiny speck of gold is worth $2.00, I wonder what a ring would be? Your daughter is too funny!

  2. Sounds like actual panning for gold. Lots of effort. Very little to show for it.

  3. lol, love the math on that "deal of a lifetime" ;) I can't believe we both included panning for gold in our blogs today, pretty obscure and I think we both should have bought a lottery ticket. Thanks for the follow, I am following you back. Have a great weekend!

  4. soo kids' thought processes:) I am a new follower from the hop, hope you will visit:

  5. That is hysterical! It is tough trying to teach the young ones about money the value of a dollar, and that money doesn't actually grow on trees!!

  6. Got a math major on your hands.

  7. Thar's gold at that-there school! lol. I love it when they get all pumped up like that. So cute. :)