Friday, April 1, 2011


 Amaya's a girl who's thinks three meals ahead. Before breakfast, she's requesting dinner. At dinner, she's planning  lunch. At lunch, she's worried about breakfast. And snacks... snacks can cause a real migraine.

"Mom, what meat do we have in the freezer?" It's a question asked every morning while picking through her cereal.

"Why Amaya?" Is the common response, but I already know where the conversation is headed.

"I was thinking...maybe we can have spaghetti tonight?" Her most common request.

"Can we finish one meal before we plan the next?" I usually plead with frustration.

Amaya will nod her head, but the worried look on her face always says different.

"Have I ever forgot to feed you?" I try to remind her she's never gone without a meal.

For an incredibly picky child, she sure is worried that she won't get to eat. If it were up to her she would live on spaghetti, tuna, and avocados.

After breakfast, like clockwork, Rio will find me.

"Can we have spaghetti tonight?" Rio asks.

I roll my eyes and sigh. "You hate spaghetti. Remember?"

"Oh...well, Amaya told me to ask," he'll confess.

"Amaya!" I yell through the house. "Quit sending Rio to do your dirty work!"


  1. This was just on a re-run of King of Queens last night. Doug was getting the father-in-law to demand stuff that Doug wanted to eat. Too funny!

    I have a hard time knowing what I want to eat when I'm not hungry for that meal. When I lived at home, my mom would ask what I wanted for dinner. I would struggle to decide because I wasn't hungry yet.

  2. Aw....this is a great start to the A-Z challenge.

  3. Cute story! Same thing happens in our house with my boys. Guess we really are all in this together!

    Following from A to Z.

    Lana D.

  4. I like how the little one asks for something he doesn't like! You better be careful when they get older. They may team up against you lol

    Stopping by from the Challenge


  5. I love this post. Looking forward to more! And I am amazed that a picky eater likes avocados. That is pretty unusal, but great!

  6. Great story! Sounds like you have some great tales of the kids. I enjoyed reading them!

    I will follow to read more!

  7. Great teamwork! I can't think ahead to more than the next meal. Maybe it's a 'Mom' thing.

  8. Love your A post! Thanks for stopping by Writing with Debra.

  9. That's a great story!!! Kids are funny sometimes.

    I'm a new follower from the challenge and look forward to seeing what the rest of the month has to bring. It should be fun :)

    Poe Family Blog
    Razzy's Corner

  10. That is a very cute story and very funny.

  11. Sweetman is the same way but he could live off of Chick Filet and canned raviolis.

  12. She sounds like a girl after my own heart. I was the same way as a child. I have always loved the taste of food and many of my favorite childhood memories revolve around favorite foods - the mac-n-cheese at a certain deli, the cheese on top was baked golden brown, the chicken tacos at a certain restaurant, and so on.
    Now that I'm the cook I tend to go for quick and easy most nights. I like writing more than fixing meals that take a lot of time to prepare.
    Happy blogging for the A-Z Challenge!

  13. A great start to the challenge, it made me chuckle. My son will have his dinner and then a few hours later ask what's for dinner??? Forget, what's for breakfast. :)

    Fellow A-Zer, Holly

  14. I've got a lot in common with Amaya, and I'm afraid my figure is the worse for it! If only I still had a child's metabolism ... :-)


  15. Are you sure your daughter Amaya wasn't French in a past life? I read that the French plan their meals way in advance, just like your daughter does.

    Cute blog with lots of humor.


  16. Okay, my 5 year old daughter is like this. She'll send her older 7 year old brother to ask questions he normally wouldn't ask.

    "Gibson, wouldn't you like this? Daddy said we could have ice cream." when no such conversation was had. Wait a minute! That topic was never discussed..."Oh, well, can we?"