Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for Kisses

XOXO symbolizes hugs and kisses.  Are the X's the hugs? Or are the X's the kisses? This was the debate between my husband and I last night when we were discussing my "X" post.

"The X's are the hugs," my husband stated.

"No they're kisses," I corrected.

"No they're hugs," he held his position. "When you hug, you cross your arms like an X." He tried to explain.

"No...the X's are kisses," I answered. "Everyone knows that!"

"Then why do people say hugs and kisses when they read XOXO?  If the kisses were the X's it would be kisses and hugs?" He pointed out.

"I don't know...but when a cartoon character is kissed , the kisses leave X's not O's." I shared my theory.

Today I'm putting this debate to rest.

According to 1984 edition of the Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary:
x, X (eks) -symbol 1. The Roman numeral ten. 2. A mark shaped like an X representing the signature of one who cannot write. 3. A mark used in diagrams, maps, etc., to place some event or substance, or to point out something to be emphasized. 4. A symbol used to indicate a kiss. 5. Christ: an abbreviation used in combination: Xmas.

X is for kisses.


  1. How funny! I always thought the X's were for hugs too. Great post!

  2. Don't you love it when you can actually prove that you're right.

  3. every note I write kiddo has a tone of Xs and Os

  4. Sounds like the 'discussions' that go on in this house. At least you found printed proof. X's are for kisses, always were, always will be.

  5. EVERYONE knows X's are for kisses. Don't they?

    (Well done on proving the point!)

    A xx

  6. As long as you share them no reason to debate right? :) Good X :)

  7. Well done! X's are kisses and that makes them one of the warmest letters of the alphabet. Great X post for the challenge. I love the title of your blog, very cool. :)

  8. Wow! So glad you wrote this post...since we literally JUST had this debate in our house this week! My argument was "You write 'XOXO' and say 'HUGS and kisses' so obviously the 'X' is 'hug.'" Well, I stand corrected!!

    New follower...stopping by from the Crazed Fan hop!
    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin