Saturday, April 9, 2011


Helping my kids with their homework isn't my best skill. I get bored staring, page after page at subject lessons that are elementary to me. My husband says it's my been there done that attitude. Maybe, but I think it's more of a I hate repeating myself thing.  I blame Amaya.

"What letter is this Amaya?"  I asked while helping her with one of her homework packets in kindergarten.

"I don't know?"  She answered shrugging her shoulders.

"It's the letter 'D'..." I stressed. "Now you tell me, what letter is this?" I pointed to the letter.

"B?"  She questioned.

"No. It's the letter D," I sighed. "Write the letter ten times," I said as I handed her the pencil.

We repeated the above steps over and over.  Each time Amaya guessed a different random letter.  Nothing worked.  She mentally blocked out the letter "D". 

Two years of preschool! What a waste of money!

My husband came home to find us both in tears, crying. He kindly took over and earned his very first gray hair.

I was so relieved!


  1. Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

  2. Now Imagine having five daughters to go through with homework. Let me tell you, it was twenty-five times the frustration. I feel for you.

  3. I honestly think kids, do that at home on purpose! I know my daughter knows her letters and sounds (we work on them & she works on it at school too) and yet she does the same thing to me sometimes. Very frustrating!

    Breathe, you have many years ahead of you of homework help! Hopefully it will get easier.


  4. Oh don't get me started. My son is in 5th grade and doing homework with him is Hell with a capital H! I swear it frustrates me to know that he is in school all day with the teachers who know how to do it and he won't ask them for help and comes home needing help. I sometimes have to go on the internet to see how to do something in order to help him, grrrrr!

    Already a follower but hopping around from the Crazed fan blog hop!


  5. Nice of you to share the misery! She'll get it eventually.

  6. Crap, I spent all day yesterday doing my homework for ASU. I wrote an amazing paper on "the effects of global warming on social equity". I trade for learning the letter D any day.

  7. At least you speak English, many U.S. parents come here from other countries and the kids can't learn a thing from them.
    You are a wonderful parent!

  8. I started reading your blog on Sunday...with one post..then just another..then just another !! Couldn't stop..and cannot wait to go backwards till the rest :) (After this A-Z challenge is over of course!)

    Loved loved the "spaghetti / dinner entry" :-D

    Needless to say, great to meet you and I'm your follower now!

  9. Have to agree...its hard helping children (especially our own) with homework...

    (dropping by from A to Z challenge)

  10. I completely understand! It is a fight to get my son to do homework. I keep explaining that if he would do it right away and not roll on the floor moaning about it, he would have a lot more time to play!

    Oh well. These are the times that we will look back on and laugh. Actually I'm hoping I don't even remember these times!

  11. I had these moments with my little boy, but now he's doing really well with his alphabet and reading. Some kids just take a little longer to get it, but get it they do :)

  12. Are you certain she wasn't randomly guessing on purpose? I kinda sorta used to do that. Just because I could.

  13. OMG- this was me with my son and he's now in first and I finally, my husband started helping.

    My son would lie and cry and roll around on the floor for the first 30 minutes! The homework packets are crazy! I started to hate homework in kindergarten and boy- long way to go until graduation!

    Thankfully, he's finally starting to understand some things. My daughter listened to me have him repeat the vowels and he would get stuck...the little one yells from the bedroom "Gib- A E I O U and sometimes Y" exasperated at us.