Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exercise Equipment

Exercise, it's so much work, I mean really...who has the time? Which is why purchasing exercise equipment from an infomercial makes complete sense. The prospects of getting quickly into shape, in the comfort of my own home, while watching TV.  It's almost too good to be true.

I've owned the Ab-doer, the Ab-roller, the Ab-wheel, the Ab-cruncher, and three balance balls.  I've even owned the complete set of Abs of Steel on VHS.  Sadly, my abs are nothing of the sort. 

"Oh, when are you expecting?"  A strange lady asked at the supermarket while reaching for my stomach.

"I'm not!"  I shooed her hand away. She huffed away hastily. How dare I embarrass her for insulting me.

Comments like those only motivate me to obtain another machine promising a quick fix.

The side-stepper, the stair-stepper, the treadmill, and the Gazelle were supposed to tone my legs and give me a firmer backside.  But after a few weeks, they became more ornamental than functional.

The Reebok Slider, a rowing machine, and a bike were for cardio, but the trick is, you have to actually use them. The resistance bands and ankle weights barely made it out of the box. I won't even mention the gym membership.

So I'm back to the basics. A jump rope and a pair of Reebok Easy Tones.

Well...for a few weeks.



  1. You need to be tested tested for the freaky-neurotic-I-think-my-butts-too-big-so-I'll-exercise-my-ass-off-until-I-drain-my-adrenal-glands. I'm the opposite. Addicted actually to working out. Now I'm under doctor's care b/c I over did it. Adrenal fatigue. Uhg. I'm only allowed three days a week of exercise and no longer than an hour each time.

    Whatever you do. Do it in moderation.

  2. A strange woman was actually going to touch your belly? How rude of her! She deserved to be embarrassed!

    I've had all kinds of equipment, too. Now I only have a stationary bike, and I've found the one form of exercise I really love doing: dancing.

  3. You are brave and ambitious! I still have to exercise more but never get myself motivated to start :)

  4. I hated strangers touching my stomach while I was pregnant. I can't imagine someone doing it when I'm not (shudder). I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  5. Ooh, I so want a pair of Reebok Easy Tones. But I don't like walking around all day in sneakers. The sacrifices we make for a tighter butt, right?

    I'm a new blogger attempting to meet other blogging writers. *waves*

  6. I'v been excercising for years...Off and on.
    Only bought the treadmill. I dust it once a week. Your young enough to get that flat belly off....Just wait until you go thru memopause. After ten years of running myself crazy trying to get that cute figure that I once had. I give up. I just buy bigger pants..

  7. *laughing because I've bought a few of those pieces of equipment too*

    I HATE to exercise, but I trained for and finished a half marathon. The secret I learned is that you have to find something you care about that requires activity, so that the "exercise" aspect is overshadowed by your real passion. Whether it's walking for a charity, or walking dogs because you love animals, or playing and running around with kids because you love children, if you can forget you're exercising, that's how you can stay with it. That was my experience anyway, and it was a huge and pleasant surprise.

  8. But I bet your UPS guy is real buff!LOL

  9. I would let you borrow my stationary bike but at the moment it is doubling as a coat rack. If only there were a way to get abs of steel while eating chocolate. Now that would be a program I could follow.

    Thanks for stopping by!! I love your header picture. The bubble wrap and tears are too cute!


  10. Hahahaha about your UPS guy!
    I thought living in a house on a hill and one with stairs would give me "buns of steel", but no such luck. I've had to resort to actual exercise :(

  11. OMG!!! My rule of thumb is, unless I can actually see the baby coming out of a woman's hoo hoo, you NEVER ask a stranger about being pregnant!

  12. Oh my god! I can't believe someone asked you if you were pregnant like that. Totally feel your pain re. exercise though. I get all motivated for a few days and then the equipment/DVD becomes a once of furniture,

  13. Six year olds ask too! Are you getting a baby, Ms. No I'm not. This was followed by a puzzled look, well my Mammy has a big tummy and she's getting a baby! I like my exercise on the horizontal. Swimming is the only way to go. If you don't like exercise you can fool yourself into thinking you are justlying down

  14. I love this. I pay myself to exercise. Unfortunately I haven't made much money.

    Am now following. Stop by and visit me, fellow Challenger

  15. Hehehehe... Exercise and Textbooks are still waiting for my return. Maybe someday I will go back to them.. :\
    Love your blog!! And you're doing great with the A-Z! One of the best I've read so far.. :) :)

  16. I really need to get into the exercising habit. I'm just not making the time for it and I really need to do so.

  17. it's a good thing we don't have the room or I'd be grabbing a great spinning bike the upgraded stationery cycle.

    I'm back on my program where I lost 40lbs in a like 4 months...and after a year put it back on due to stress and stuff. I found I'm a stress eater. Who knew! The only thing that satisfies my irritation or frustration is a Combination burrito and some french fries!

    So I'm back to doing the only thing that worked for me. However, I just turned 40, and I heard metabolism I'll see if it comes off as easily this time! :)

    I think I'm going to blog about it, so that I have to be "accountable." Not let the nice bowl of hot mac-n-cheese for the kiddies ruin it! :)


  18. hahaha Sounds like me. I want to exercise. Really. Problem is that I can do nothing for hours...


  19. What is WRONG with people? I've never been pregnant and never plan to be, but if I were and some strange person decided she had the right to touch my belly, I would go off.

    And my problem with exercise is I hate to sweat. Which makes exercise fairly difficult to do without sweating.

  20. I keep telling myself I'm going to log, jog, and blog, but... I get sidetracked. Myself, I've never bought a machine, and I really feel I would benefit from a treadmill, for instance. My husband argues it would be ornamental though...

    We'll see!

    Newly following through the Blog Entourage, and I'm happy for it!

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  21. Oh. Exercise. I have a lovely clothes rack (ahem) treadmill. And I use it alot - in my dreams where I'm as fit and trim as a 20 year old. Or maybe I am 20 in my dreams.