Saturday, April 2, 2011


Birthdays are a big deal!  I've been told, I tend to go a bit overboard.
I tell myself every year, "This is it.  Next year I'm only serving cake and ice cream."  But then I get an idea and I just can't help myself.
It doesn't take much to tickle my party bone, whether it's a treasure map invitation, a lady bug cake, a carnival game, or the opportunity to rent a dunk tank. All it takes is one idea to spread like wild fire.

Themed parties are my forte.  I'm not referring to the store bought prepackaged themes.  Those themes are for amateurs.  I'm a professional do-it yourselfer. My parties involve buckets of paint, props, and tricking random family members into volunteering their services. 

"Mom, what kind of party am I having this year?"  Rio asked the day after Amaya's birthday.

"Let me think about it..."  I told him.

Later that night Rio sat in astonishment as we attended a Medieval Times dinner show.  The five dollar flags we purchased as souvenirs weren't enough.

"Mom the small wooden sword is only twenty dollars," Rio pleaded.

"Only...twenty dollars? I can make you that sword for one dollar," I stated the obvious.

His face dropped, he was clearly disappointed. The swords were super cool, I couldn't blame him.

"How about I make them for your party," I proposed. "Then everyone who comes can get one."

"Okay!  But I'm the King!"  Rio declared.

This will be the last party, I swear! ?


  1. I admire the professional do-it yourselfer! I try but never have the patience. Loved the post!

  2. Bdays are a big deal around my house. I created so many traditions when my kids were younger (& fewer!) and now I have to keep em going. But it's fun & makes for great memories.
    Visiting from the blog hop, and following you as well. Love the pic of the little guy with the bike helmet and bubble wrap!!

  3. What I remember so well about birthday parties in my family was the birthday person's opportunity to pick the flavor of ice cream (chocolate) to go with the choice of cake (chocolate.)

  4. I think your kids are lucky to have a creative mom like that. I've always wanted to be creative like that.
    The most my kids can expect with home parties is water gun/water balloon fights and decorate your own cupcakes.

  5. Family members mean me and you painting candyland squares only for them to get completely trashed :/
    That picture is AWESOME by the way(:
    -Eslinda (:

  6. The last party? Why?

    Soon enough they'll be "too old" for such things. Wait until then to stop (then they'll realize that they miss them and beg you to throw one of your over-the-top themed bashes again...well, maybe not, but that's the hope...).

  7. Love the Birthday post. My grandson just had his BD and I'm not a pro. He's never been one to want what all the other kids want. This year it was Harley Davidson, last year fishing, then we did John Deere, golf. He said next year he wants a hunting cake.

  8. Gotta say, I love the picture at the top, and your "About me" is perfect... Definitely hear ya!

    Matt Conlon dot com
    Matt's Brew Log

  9. Good idea - about making the swords : D Luv the bubble wrap under the helmet too-cute LOL

    Following you here from the Crazed Fan Weekend Hop and now GFC follower. Hope you have a chance to follow back at my newbie blog
    WynnieBee : D

  10. I don't think you should stop with the parties - you're making great memories for your kids. Wish my mom had been more like you! So glad my Surprise Me! button brought me to your blog.
    Oh and by the way, I used to be a PTO Secretary and felt the same way you did, but I had the paper and pen!

  11. Visiting from the A-Z challenge today. I could relate to this post : ) I too have gone a bit overboard in the theme department but my now grown up girls have wonderful birthday party memories.

  12. I'm like this at Halloween time and mildly at birthdays. I just feel the need to do something cool! lol!
    I found your blog through the A-Z Challenge.

  13. I am planning Boo's 8th B day party. I too go way overboard but now it has become like the social event of the year in his elementary school. We saw a kid he goes to school with out in town that came up and said, "don't forget to invite me to your party just because I am not in your class!"

  14. My duaghter's party is next sunday! Will you come host it so I can sit back and have a drink and watch!! Parties are hard!

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    Have a wonderful day! I am now y our newest follower!

  15. Hi, Nikki: I found you on the A to Z blog challenge. Birthdays are the best! Great word.

  16. great birthdy post. I LOVE the header

    stopping by for the A to Z

  17. Are you in Southern Calfornia? We have a Midevil times and then the Pirates Dinner Adventure theater.

    we just took our kids to the Pirates Adventure for their bdays! We took a small group of kids, where I got some black Ts from Walmart and did patches of gold coins and swords, etc. and purchased pirate hats/coins from Oriental Trading Company. It was awesome! :)