Saturday, April 16, 2011


No news is good news...says who?

I'm constantly surfing the channels for the next breaking news alert headlines.  I consider myself an enthusiast, my husband calls me a junkie.

Whether it's studying the business channel, watching a news reporter, assessing an opinion show, reading the paper, listening to talk radio, or chasing story link after story link on the Internet, I'm well informed. 

Aside from holding my own in a room full of men, who think they know what they're talking about, the news has other powerful benefits.

"Mom, I'm bored!" Amaya complains.

"Go play outside," I tell her.

"I don't want to," she whines back.

I make suggestions like, you can clean your room, or you can read a book, or you can do a puzzle, or you can skate.  But nothing interests her. Meanwhile Rio entertains himself in the background doing flips off the couch. When I've had enough, I rely on my secret weapon and turn on the news. 

The kids scatter, my husband falls asleep, and I obtain peace and quiet.

Proof, knowledge is power.



  1. Hahahah! I didn't see that one coming!

  2. My mom always had the news on during dinner...Sunday was 60 minutes, and everything else outside of a drama/comedy for the evening was sports.

    Whenever we try to do the news thing, it's all depressing crap...some useless traffic thing, if there's a fire that's the only news, if there a high speed/low speed car chase that's the only news...and a toddle drowns due to unlocked gate, a kid is mauled by a pit bull, teen dies in drive-by, man suffocates girlfriend, and places her body between mattresses and lights on fire in backyard! Yup, that 6 minutes ends our session of news.


  3. Your parenting powers are amazing.....

  4. I have never been one for watching the news. Well maybe just once a day to stay in touch. My mom has CNN on all day! Drives me crazy. I just as soon watch the cartoons with my kids. =)
    Blue Velvet Vincent

  5. Man, that's one of those things that make you wonder why didn't I think of that! :o) Thanks for the idea!

  6. I too am a complete new junkie-
    but I have a friend who would make both of us look like amateurs. She works for a major new network and she tells time not by months/day/ etc--- no she tells time based around election cycles. As in "we met during the '98 midterms, but we did start dating until the 2000 primaries. Of course this didn't actually get serious until the presidential election..." yep.... she's nuts!

  7. My husband is a news junkie, too. That's who I typically hear the latest from. We no longer have TV stations, and that used to be my source for news. Now I don't miss it. There is just so much negativity most of the time that I feel saturated. So I avoid papers and only check internet news every once in awhile. My husband thinks I'm crazy.

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