Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Vacations are trips with room service, spa treatments, and fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.  Vacations are not to be confused with family trips.  A family trip is when the kids are invited. 

"He licked me!" Amaya yelled from the backseat.  "Get on your own side Rio!"  she whined as she pushed him away. "Mom! Tell him to stop!"

"She stuck her tongue out first!" Rio defended himself.

"I didn't actually lick you though!" Amaya uttered in disgust.

Rio and Amaya argued back and forth as I attempted to drown out their bickering with the radio.  I tried to take deep breaths to calm my nerves.  I tried to ignore them by reading a book.  But eventually I reached my breaking point.

"Enough!" I yelled facing the backseat. "Your father is driving, do you want him to stop this car?" I asked. "If he has to stop...I'm leaving you on the side of the road...and you can walk!"

They both stared at me blankly, their eyes protruding from their skulls. 

That's right, only 30 minutes on the road and mama has already snapped.

Like I was saying...vacations aren't to be confused with a family trip.


  1. Ooooh that photo is AMAZING! And I love the juxtaposition :) (Unless the kids are behind the photographer...:))

  2. This brings back some great memories. Thanks for reminding me about the time I almost got left at the side of the road....

  3. I remember those trips from when I was a kid...my mom telling my sister and I to behave or she'd "pull this car over!"

  4. Vacations are also events that pretty much never happen because no one wants to watch "said kids"! Or you are broke because "said kids" suck all the money/life/sanity out of a room :)

  5. I completely understand! I have decided that if the writing thing doesn't work out, I am going to invent a device to make car traveling with kids easier. I think it will be something like a big cement wall that fits in between them.

  6. LOL...imagine 5 of them crammed into a vehicle.

  7. Haaa, I think I have been on that same road trip. Good stuff. Found you through A to Z.

  8. We used to get the one arm swing of the back of my dads hand. Four kids in the backseat....how did my parents survive it?