Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm  surrounded by idiots. That's what the pin my husband gave me for our 14th anniversary reads. There's never been a truer statement or better gift.

"Why can't you two act normal?" I shouted at my children after the fifth photo attempt. Then I looked over at my mom. "I don't know why every time I try to take a picture they act like idiots." I complained.

"Ooh..." my husband came over. "That lady is not happy with you."

"What lady?" I looked over in the direction he was pointing, to a woman walking away, shooting dirty looks and shaking her head at me. "What did I do to her?" I asked my husband.

"She didn't like that you referred to our kids as idiots," he said laughing." She huffed away, lecturing you under her breath.

"Well, she obviously hasn't met our kids!" I squawked ending the photo session.

I suppose I could of chose a better synonym to describe the actions of my children. Maybe that woman would have been happier if I used the word silly, goofy, crazy, or foolish.

Too bad I'm not in the business of people pleasing.


  1. LMAO! I don'use the word idiot very often, I prefer the word moron!

  2. An obvious member of the PC brigade. This is why each passing generation is able to handle "less" than the one before it. Soon people won't even leave the womb.


  3. Ah...perhaps spoiled? Just kidding, I'm sure they're not.

  4. Well, like they say everyone's got an opinion like they've got an Arse hole. Too bad opinions aren't concealed like our Arses are. :)

  5. This is HILARIOUS! I just read it to my husband and he's still laughing :)

  6. Hahaha... I want that saying from the pin on a t- shirt. Or possibly tattooed on my forehead!!

  7. Lol. I occasionally tell my son he is acting like one and he says' "mom I'm not an idiot" and I say you're right....but you're acting like one:)

  8. I've been there, done that bought the t-shirt!

  9. Hahaha! I think that lady showed us who the real idiot is!!!
    Come on lady, they are kids! I think idiot is part of the definition of kid!

  10. Funny! guess some people just get offended easily. I know i'm a bit of an idiot at times, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.great meeting you through the a-z,
    your new follower,