Friday, April 8, 2011

Gift Cards

Gift cards....what's not to love? They're little credit cards with positive balances. I love them?

The drawback is, I hold onto them forever.  I save them for when I really want something.  The thing is, I never really want anything. So I set them aside for in case.  In case what?  The heck if I know.

"You need to spend these!" My husband ordered pointing to my rubber banded card assortment in the closet.

"Why?" I asked. "They won't expire."

"Target! You were just there, you should of used this," he said as he thumbed through my gift card collection.

"Oh..I forgot I had that one..." I played dumb.

"Put these in your purse so you have them on you." He handed the stack to me.  "You can't spend them if they're locked up."

I kind of thought that was the point.


  1. We have a lot of gift cards floating around the house, but sadly they've all been spent. The kids like to play with them.

  2. Oh my, I held onto a gift card once and it did expire. YOu might want to double check that.

    Funny your husband ordering you to spend...usually husbands in general gripe about the spending! :)

  3. Man, I wish I had your willpower. My gift cards burn holes in my pocket. :)

  4. Gift cards are my weakness when it comes to spending. If you give me a gift card, I will have it spent within 24 hrs. It's like free money. I can't hold onto it.


  5. We had that too...and finally, we're like time to use 'em! (especially since grandma got a job at Target- now we get them every holiday/birthday)

    my mom bought me spa pass, but I don't have anyone to watch the kids...still got's been 3 years now. :)


  6. I've got a greeting card collection b/c I buy them. Hide them. Forget about them.

  7. I've got a birthday coming up and I LOVE gift cards. Particularly to Starbucks, Best Buy and Barnes and Noble. *hint, hint* Kidding, but not about gift cards. I love being able to pick out my own stuff. (Particularly books.) :0)

  8. I get so worried that my gift card will become useless if something happens to the company. Sure, it's unlikely Target will ever go out of business, but didn't Sharper Image (or one of those gadget stores) go bankrupt and declare all their gift cards worthless? I spend any gift card I get as soon as I can! But I refuse to buy them for other people. It's really just an interest free loan to the store, which they can decide not to pay back under certain circumstances.

  9. My kids LOVE getting gift cards, they feel "Grown up" for some reason. I say give them to your kids!

  10. I don't know about in the U.S. but now in Canada they are starting to charge service fees those that aren't used up with a certain time period. Something like $2.00 for each month after two years, or something like that. My kids aren't a big fan of them. At Christmas they come to me and want to trade in their cards for cash instead. The cards aren't always for places they would otherwise buy at.

  11. Oh my, new follower & I just had to comment on this post! What unbelievable willpower you have! Giftcards burn a hole in my pocket so fast - I forget I actually spent them! :)

    What I wouldn't give for a sweet stash like that! lol!